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Be sure to check your place of business, families, and friends as Adult Signature is required at delivery. Consider buying in bulk for optimal savings and save on shipping fees.

If your Zip Code is not available, please check in with us in a few weeks as our shipping coverage will increase weekly. Sign up to be notified as soon as your coverage changes!

We have partner with PUDO to offer convenient Pick-Up option at a local business near you. This is available at checkout and provide additional shipping coverage throughout the U.S.

Due to shipping limitations and states law, we will not be able to serve customers throughout the US. If we are unable to ship to your State or local region, a notification will be indicated at checkout.

If you are located in the Western half of the continental US, estimated shipping time frame is 1 to 3 business days. For the rest of the country, it can take up to 20 business days for deliveries as we're looking to improve the network.

Note: We are unable to ship any products to the following states due to State's Regulation: Arkansas, Maine, Oregon, Utah, and Vermont
Note: We are unable to ship any products to the following locations: San Francisco, CA, and Anchorage, AK
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