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Services For All Hair Types


*  Basic Haircuts for Women and Men 

(shampoo / conditioning to cleanse scalp )


* I have a Smoothing / Silkening system that is great for those who want to keep their beautiful natural hair. It is great to ease combing for children with natural hair.



Relaxers         *  Weaves        *  Braiding        *   Curly Perms

* Waxing (facial hair, legs, underarms and upper body)


*   Tighten Dreads        *    Wigs shampoo / Styled


* Crochet (braiding your hair and hooking braids or silky hair in)


*    Salon  Training   ( by licensed Instructor)        *    Notary Republic Services


‚Äč* Strengthen & Silkening System- non chemical system for those wanting to remain natural. makes hair more manageable and easy to comb. Gentle enough for children. Lasts up to 12 weeks.